5 Tips to Help Your Mattress Decompress

Thanks to our carefully developed compression packing technology, we’re able to flatten, roll and pack your mattress into a single, wonder-filled box that can sustain its long journey to your door. And we understand that waiting 48 – 72 hours for your mattress to puff back up to its original shape can make a person feel, well, restless. Fortunately, after many years of perfecting our craft, we have a couple of tricks up our sleeve to help mattress decompression happen a little faster.

1. Open the box within 72 hours

Once your mattress in a box arrives at your home, it’s out of its element, and subject to a new climate and atmosphere. Because of this, we strongly encourage you to open it within 72 hours of receipt. Leaving it cooped up much longer than that could result in extended recovery time. So do yourself and your new mattress a favor, and break into that box as soon as you’re able.

2. Get moving

Once removed from its packaging, help air flow through your mattress by rolling or walking on it. Remember, your mattress has been vacuum-packed prior to reaching you, so a bit of movement will encourage tiny air pockets to open up and expand.

3. Keep it cozy

By keeping the room at 70 degrees or warmer, mattress molecules are encouraged to move around and undergo thermal expansion. If you enjoy a cooler home or live in a colder climate, secluding a space heater to the bedroom (at a safe distance from your mattress of course) can be helpful.

4. Use steam

Steam works wonders on helping edges and corners recover. Similar to the concept of warming up the entire room, using a steamer to concentrate heat over certain areas can encourage your mattress to complete its growth spurt.

5. Give it time

Although the tips above are designed to speed things up, good old fashioned patience is perhaps the best advice we can offer. Good things come to those who wait.
If you’ve tried out our tips and have further questions about your mattress’s decompression time, please feel free to contact us. Our expert agents are standing by to make sure you’re well on your way to better sleep, sweeter dreams and a bed you’ll never want to leave.

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